All our springers are very successfully  used for hunting during the hunting season in autumn. They are very keen workers in the fields and excellent retrievers from land an water.  We use them mainly for hunting hare, pheasants and ducks but occasionally also for hunting deer. Here their work is to go into the undergrowth to bring out the game and then of course to track down wounded game.



"Jessy" - Pansgrove Acacia Spot attended two working tests and passed them with two second prices.




Vagabond of Skyway Tasco"  keept our flag flying by passing his tests with three excellent results and by winning his last working test a first price.



Some Winterwater Creek's English Springers at field-work: 









Just 2 month after "Tanja" (Trollängens SHE) had moved to Austria I took her to her first hunting-test. She did a great work, passed the test under very difficult condition and was best Spaniel of the day! We have been all very pround of the girl! Tanja is definitely a wonderuful hunting dog with a great passion and it's a big joy to work with her!



Following Winterwater Creek's English Springers have up to now passed hunting tests:


Winterwater Creek's Bon Jovi (Christian Hofer)

Winterwater Creek's Caribbean Queen (Snezana Jovanovic)

Winterwater Creek's Devil in Disquise (Zaklin Acinger Rogic / B. Illenschitz)

Winterwater Creek's D'Artagnan ( Karl Leutgeb)

Winterwater Creek's Dream Wizard ( Klára Tydlitova)