Winterwater Creek's Hello Henry

Jugendbester IHA Wels



Henrys Abstammung:

Dt. Ch. Vdh. Klubsieger, Anw. Dt. Ch. Klub
Cacib, BOB, BIG, BIS

Dexbenella Sirius Black


Res. CC
Rianlas in the Black at Beresford


Sh. Ch.
Calmolly Peter Piper

Thankerton Barista

Dexbenella Inquisitress

Sh. Ch. Int. Ch.
Barecho Hold your Horses at Peasblossom


Sh. Ch.
Trimere Totoal Devotion to Dexbenella



Int.Ch. AT. Ch. PL. Ch. Dt Ch (Vdh & Klub), Bundessieger
PL JCh. AT JCh. Klubsieger, Klubchampion; BOB, BIG, BIS

Winterwater Creek's Dancing Queen 

Sh. Ch.
Trimere Trading Places With Sheledams

Sh. Ch.
Mompesson Royal Destiny

Sh. Ch.
Trimere Time and Again


Int. Ch. S.Ch. Cro. Ch. Aut. Ch.
European Winner

Trollängens SHE


Int. Ch. Nord. Ch.
Barecho Fun for the Future

S. Ch. N. Ch.
Trollängens New Tricks