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All 10 puppies out of our I-litter have found wonderful new and loving homes:

Winterwater Creeks' I'm Yours - "Isko":   Lustadt (Germany)
Winterwater Creek's Ivenhoe- "Scotty":  Salzburg (Austria
Winterwater Creek's Icebreaker "Wenzel" : Munich (Germany)
Winterwater Creek's I'm Aron "Aron":  Grieskirchen (Austira)

Winterwater Creek's Indira "Ivy" : Pasching (Austria)
Winterwater Creek's I'm Lovely "Ilvy" - Axams (Austria))
Winterwater Creek's I'm Pretty "Izzy" : Hradisko (Czech Republic)
Winterwater Creek's Indian Summer "Yumi": Dissen (Germany)
Winterwater Ceek's I'm No Angel "Amie" : Thurgau (Switzerland)
Winterwater Creek's Isabelle "Emma"  Nickelsdorf (Austria)

We wish the new onwers best of luck with their new family members and the little ones a very long and happy Springer life!


At the age of 7 weeks the puppies did their first two trips per car to discover new areas and to get used to car travels:

The second trip started with a 35 km long car travel to the woods:

As you can see the little ones really enjoyed it a lot:




The first trip was about 10 km long to a nice area south the city of Salzburg:




The puppies are now 5 weeks old - we did the first - more serious photo session and the names of each puppy has been fixed:

The boys:

Winterwater Creek's I'm Yours
Winterwater Creek's Icebreaker
Winterwater Creek's I'm Aron
und last but not least: our charming
Winterwater Creek's Ivanhoe, who did not want to pose in show position ;-)
The girls:

Winterwater Creek's Indira
Winterwater Creek's Isn't She Lovely
Winterwater Creek's Isnt't she Pretty
Winterwater Creek's Indian Summer
Winterwater Creek's I'm No Angel
Winterwater Creek's Isabelle

 Our I- litter is now   5 weeks old: 

The puppies made a first visit to the garden and started to discover the world outside.

Now at the age of 4 weeks the puppies moved to our wintergarden...  the little ones enjoy the new, bigger space a lot:











Moni's and Marlon's puppies are now 3 weeks old - time to take new head pics
One boy was not so keen on taking pics so his photo is missing...

February 3rd 2018
Moni's puppies start to open their eyes - and always very exciting moment.

Noch verlassen die Kleinen die Wurfkisten nicht, sie werden jedoch  deutlich aktiver, starten erste Gehversuche.
Das Leben besteht nicht mehr nur aus trinken und schlafen
Die Welpen haben nun auch schon 1 x Krallenschneiden zum Schutz von Mamas Milchbar hinter sich gebracht
und bald steht die erste Entwurmung an.

Taking pics is sooo boring ;-))





Moni's and Marlon's puppies are one week old today:
boy 1
boy 2
boy 3
boy 4



girl 1
girl 2
girl 3
girl 4
girl 5
girl 6





 Moni's puppies 4 days old - at their first foto shooting ;-)
All 10 are doing very fine and have gained weight.

The boys:
The girls:


Moni's puppies are here:

In the early morning of January 18  we welcomed 4 handsome boys and 6 lovely girls!

Moni and her 10 puppies are doing very fine.


A first family picture after the birth



The little ones - one day old
it's quite busy at the milk - bar


Moni od Stroupinskeho Potoka
eyes tested clear (incl. Gonioscopy)
PRA-Cord1: no carrier

CACA, CAC-SLO, CC - German Ch. VDH & Club, Crufts Qualification
CACIB, BOS, Crufts Qualification

Winterwater Creek's Great Britain Made
hips: A
eyes tested clear (incl. Gonioscopy)
PRA-Cord1: no carrier

Int. Ch, A. Ch, Club Champion German Ch. Vdh & Club, Spaniel of the year
European Winner, European J. Winner, Clubwinner - A' Winner

Moni and Marlon are two lovely, healthy and very typical English Springer Spaniels with a wonderful temperament.

Marlon was shown with great success in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and England (placement at Crufts), has won many CACIBs and was often Best of Breed. 
He is Best in Show winner, European Junior Winner, European Winner, 3 times Austrian Winner, Austrian Spaniel of the Year, and carries a long list of champion titles.

Marlon passed an Obedience test and is a very passionate hunting dog.

The boy has up to now successful progeny in the showring and in the fields in 6 different countries

Moni was up to now shown 8 times in Austria, Germany and Slovenia. She won each time her class with excellent 1, & CAC, has won 3 CACIBs & Best Bitch (BOS) and has a Crufts Qualification
Moni passed the hunting test with a first price and an obedience test.
 Our "I - litter "will be Moni's first litter.
For more information about Moni and Marlon, please check their own pages!




Moni Marlon


The pedigree of the planned litter:

Int. Ch, Dt. Ch. (Vdh & Klub), A.Ch.
E'Sgr. B'Sgr, EJSgr. BIS


Winterwater Creek's Great Britain Made

Augen frei von allen erbl. Erkrankungen inkl. Gonio okay
Sh. Ch. Crufts Winner, JW, Show Certificate of Merit

Dexbenella It's About Time

HD: BVA 5/4 (FCI: B1)


Sh. Ch. Crufts Winner
Nord. Ch. NV

Barecho Hold your Horses at Peasblossom

Sh. Ch.
Trimere Total Devotion to Dexbenella

Int. Ch. Dt. Ch. (Vdh & Klub), A. Ch. PL. Ch. Bundessieger Klubsieger

Dummyprüfung Beginner 1. Platz

Winterwater Creek's Dancing Queen




Sh. Ch.

Trimere Trading Places with Sheledams


Int. Ch; S.-Ch. A-Ch. E'Sgr. B' Sgr. BIS

AP 2a Preis

Trollängens SHE



Caca, CACIB, Anw.Dt.Ch. (Vdh & Klub), CAC-SLO
Crufts. Qual. BOS

BH, Anlangenprüfung 1. Preis

Moni od Stroupinskeho Potoka


Augen frei von allen erbl. Erkrankungen inkl. Gonio okay


Anlagenprüfung 1. Preis

Harri od Stroupinskeho Potoka

Int. Ch. PL-Ch.
Night Prince Avendesora


Cedra od Stroupinskeho Potoka


Anlagenprüfung 3. Preis

Beatrix od Jakubskeho rybnika

Int. Ch; CZ-Ch. Dt Ch. Vdh. A.Ch.
Buxus of Klamargarden


Adina od Jakubskeho rybnika




If you are interested in a  puppy out of that very promising combination
please contact us for further information



Our puppies are: 



The first visit to the garden:


Winterwater Creek's puppy - playground:






The "wintergarden": :
The home of the  Winterwater-Creeks puppies starting with the age of 3,5 weeks:





"Relaxing" after an exciting day